Topping Mix

This is used as a top covering over the normal potting mix in the sowing pot. I think it just gives the seeds an easy medium for their tiny roots to penetrate. I broadcast this mix onto the top of the bulk potting mix, then sow the seed on top of this. The topping mix comprises approximately the following proportions:

  • Sieved Loam 33%
  • Coarse Beach Grit 66%

A pot full of topping mix is shown below.


In the photograph below, the normal potting mix is now overlaid with a few mm of topping mix. It needs only enough to barely cover the potting mix and should be smoothed if necessary. After this step, the soil is ready for sowing seeds on the topping mix.


As shown above, now is the time to write and insert the label (tag) before any seeds are added! Never trust this to memory or you will have many pots of unknown.