This page shows some examples of cactus babies grown using the method described in this article. The first photograph below shows Astrophytum myriostigma v. tulense at 15 weeks old. The distinctive flocking of the Astrophytum genus is clearly visible.
These seedlings are the highly desirable 4-ribbed variant, as opposed to the more common 5-ribbed plants

The photo below shows Astrophytum senile v aureum. at 8 months. The golden spines that differentiate this variety from the normal A. senile are now visible. Notice that the plant on the right has no flocking whatsoever and is known as v. nudum. There is a lot of interesting variation in the genus Astrophytum!

The final photo below shows a 5.5cm pot with one seedling of Astrophytum ornatum v. glabrescens that resulted from the sowing I described in this article. At 18 months, these seedlings show the strong spines that characterize this variety. All that is needed now is patience while the plant matures, flowers, and eventually produces seeds of it’s own.