Cacti from the Collection of Michael Newberry near Tucson, Arizona  

Photos of some Cactus Genera

These pages show older photos taken with a 4 MP Sony point & shoot camera prior to 2006. For higher quality images, go to my photography web site.

Genus Mammillaria (126 photos)

Genus Agave (8 photos)
Genus Echinofossulocactus (6 photos)
Genus Notocactus (12 photos)
Genus Opuntia (4 photos)
Genus Thelocactus (4 photos)

Other Stuff
22 July 2007  (PowerPoint slideshow)
Agave palmeri  (slideshow from habitat)
Nolina microcarpa (slideshow from habitat)
Echeveria pulvinata (slideshow)
Faucaria tigrina (slideshow)
Miscellany things that fit nowhere else.
The Complete Guide to Growing Cacti from Seed

They aren't supposed to do that!

Mammillaria dixanthocentron Backeberg is described as columnar and simple, to 20cm tall and 8cm diameter (Backeberg 1963). Someone forgot to mention these details to the plant shown below! This wonderfully spiny 10 year old was 25cm tall and 10cm diameter before it decided to go with a dichotomous lifestyle.   more


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