Genus Agave

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Agave palmeri

Nicely formed plant growing at 6,500 ft elevation on Kitt Peak, Arizona.

Agave schottii

A "shin dagger" of southern Arizona, sw New Mexico, and adjacent Mexico at 3,000 to 6,000 ft. I once camped in a grove of these (ouch!). Grown from locally collected seed.

Agave colorata

In habitat in Sonora, plants have rosettes that open widely. This plant comes from a Sonoran population that forms dense rosettes having very large teeth.

Agave polianthiflora

Grown under harsh conditions at my house in the Arizona Desert.

Agave lophantha

Multi-age population spreading across my neighbor's side yard. Plants are ex habitat, 30 miles southwest of Tucson, Arizona. June 2004.

Agave americana v. expansa

This is a 2 ft tall offset of the mother plant behind. Var. expansa occurs (naturalized?) in Arizona and Sonora. Leaves are stiffer and the plant is more hardy than the type.

Agave chrysantha

Note the repand margin with large teeth and the wonderful coloration! Photo at 6,300 ft. elevation on Kitt Peak, Arizona.


Agaves chrysantha (front), palmeri, and murpheyi (? in the background) growing on steep granite slickrock at 6,300 ft. Kitt Peak, Arizona. Notice the color differences.


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